Auburn (545002) ECTED Locker; Ford 8.8″ 31-spline

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Auburn ECTED 545002 is a locker for the Ford 8.8 (with any ratio and 31-spline shafts). Auburn gear has developed an Electronically Controlled Traction Enhancing Differential, The ECTED. These units do not require external pneumatic or hydraulic connections. The Auburn ECTED is a user-selectable differential allowing you to choose between Limited Slip and Spool driving options. The unit functions as a limited slip when in it’s normal mode, and at the flip of a switch it turns into a spool locking both axles together for 100% traction. No additional parts needed. 4-year replacement warranty.

ECTED 545002 is for use on Ford 8.8″ axles with any gear ratio with 31-spline shafts.


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