Bilstein Shocks

When it comes to high-end performance shocks, Bilstein is a name sought after by countless Jeep, truck, and SUV owners whether their vehicles spend the majority of time on the street or the trail. Bilstein was the first company to introduce monotube shocks to the off-road racing world, and the performance that this monotube technology provided was instantly recognized as the drivers utilizing it began winning race after race. After 40 years, this technology is still evolving and Bilstein is still at the forefront of it.

Every Bilstein shock available on our website is a true monotube, high-pressure-gas shock which means no foam cells and no emulsion — just performance. We have categorized these parts into two broad categories: Direct-Fit shocks and Custom-Fit/Universal shocks.

Direct-Fit are intended for use on stock height and suspension lifted vehicles and utilize the factory shock mounting locations so custom fabrication is not necessary to install them. These parts work with all the popular brands of suspension lifts such as Rancho, Pro Comp, Fabtech, Superlift, etc.

Custom-Fit/Universal are intended for builders that need a specific length or specific valve rating for their application. These shocks are intended for custom applications and are not designed to be a direct replacement for a vehicle’s factory shocks.



Bilstein 5100 series shock5100 Series Shocks are a monotube gas shock specifically engineered for lifted trucks and SUVs and utilize the factory shock mounting locations. Their monotube design provides cooler, efficient operation and allows for a longer life. A 46mm digressive piston has split compression and rebound valving that is tuned for each specific application.

Bilstein 5100 Series Ride Adjustable without Coil
Bilstein 5100 Series Ride Height Adjustable
5100 Series Ride Height Adjustable Leveling Shocks are designed to raise the front end of trucks and SUVs with factory coilover suspensions. They feature all the benefits of Bilstein’s monotube design. These leveling shocks have multiple snap-ring grooves on the body which allow you to customize the location of the spring seat which results in anything from 0-inches (factory height) to 2.5-inches of frontend lift while utilizing the vehicle’s stock coil spring. These shocks provide increased wheel travel and depending on the application will allow the use of tires up to 33-inch diameter. These shocks feature split digressive valving that is specific to the vehicle for which they’re installed on and are matched for rear 5100 series shocks.

Bilsten 5160 Remote Reservoir Shock
5160 Series Remote Reservoir Shocks are designed to install on manufacturer-lifted trucks and SUVs that utilize the stock shock mounting points. This is the best way to get a remote reservoir shock onto a vehicle without the need for custom fabricating shock mounts. Features all the same benefits as the 5100 Series with the added benefits of a remote reservoir which allows for better cooling and longer shock travel.

Bilstein 4600 Series Shock
4600 Series Shocks are designed to install on factory height Jeeps, trucks and SUVs. These are for the driver that wants to replace their vehicle’s factory shocks with a product that delivers the superior handling control of a Bilstein monotube shock. If you’re looking to replace your vehicle’s OE shocks or replace its “budget brand” replacement shocks, then it’s highly recommended to replace them with a set of Bilstein 4600’s.

Bilstein 5125 series shock5125 Series Universal Shocks have all the same features and benefits as the 5100 Series, but what sets them apart is that they’re sold by length and valve rating which makes them the ideal choice for custom off-road vehicle builders.

5150 Series

Bilsten 5165 Universal Remote Reservoir Shock
5165 Series Universal Remote Reservoir Shocks are designed to install on custom built vehicles where specific lengths of suspension travel and precision damping are required. These shocks are not designed to be bolt-on factory replacements and will need mounting brackets fabricated for installation. If you’re looking for a remote reservoir shock for your vehicle that already has a manufacturer’s suspension lift on it, then we recommend shopping for a 5160-series shock.

6100 Series

7100 Series Schrader Valve

7100 Series Remote Reservoir