Detroit Locker

Detroit lockers are the most durable, heavy-duty, automatic locking differentials on the market. They were built for the biggest trucks from 3,000 to 70,000 lb. capacities, and were designed for the most severe driving conditions. They’re capable of withstanding all the combinations of stress from harsh terrain, oversized tires, heavy loads, and high horsepower engines. Detroit lockers maximize traction because they’re able to send 100% of the torque to both of the drive wheels, keeping them in constant motion so you never have to worry about “getting stuck”. Whether you’re on the track, deep in mud, burried in snow, or climbing over rocks, their performance and reliability is unmatched by any other traction device. — Detroit Lockers are born and bred right here in the United States. They are the automatic, positive-locking differential that have successfully driven more vehicles over more types of terrain than any other traction differential in its class. They offer a positive gear action where no clutches are used to engage the axles. Its automatic operation works easily in both forward and reverse action. Its special design minimizes shock loads created under stress. The pressure or stress caused by shock loads can be transferred directly to your driveline sometimes causing or hastening early failure. The bottom line for all Detroit Locker products is that they are TOUGH… PERIOD! Among Detroit’s product line is the NoSPIN Detroit Locker, Detroit E-Z Locker, and Detroit Gearless Locker. They keep the wheels locked together when traction is needed so that together the left and right wheels always deliver maximum traction to the ground. Neither wheel can spin out.

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