Powertrax Lock Right lockers by Richmond Gear (sometimes referred to as lunchbox lockers) are an excellent choice for budget-minded drivers that want to take their off-roading to the next level. The Powertrax Lock Right is an automatic locking differential that offers the performance of a spool, yet also unlocks on the street. Its ratcheting-style teeth lock tight when traction is needed, but allows for differentiation when driving around corners. Most Richmond Gear Powertrax units can be installed without removing the carrier from the differential which means there”s no need to deal with the ring and pinion gears or worry about their settings. This also makes installation a breeze. A typical installation can be done in the driveway in a couple hours with basic hand tools. Detailed step-by-step instructions are included with every unit. Lock Right lockers operate automatically in forward or reverse. When it comes to the overall performance you get for the price you pay, nothing beats a Powertrax Lock Right locker.

If you know the exact Lock-Right model you need, you can find it in the list below, however we recommend using the Lockers and Spools link to more easily find the exact Richmond Gear Powertrax (or other traction devices) that may be available for your axle.

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