Privacy Policy

If you’re expecting one of those privacy policies that’s 10 pages long and requires a lawyer to read and “interpret” for you, sorry to disappoint. Our privacy policy is pretty straight forward and written so that anyone with basic English comprehension skills can understand it. Please read on…

Your Personal Information Is Private
MY4BY OFF ROAD is serious about protecting our customers’ personal information. You can always browse our website without providing any personal information.

While doing business with you, we may have to gather certain information such as your name, home address, phone number, e-mail address, and vehicle information. When trying to place a large order, we will require additional information (please read next paragraph). WE WILL NOT SELL, RENT, TRADE OR GIVE AWAY INDIVIDUAL, PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION ENTERED ON THIS SITE TO ANY THIRD PARTY WHATSOEVER! The information you enter on our website is strictly 100% for our use only. We collect such information so that we can process orders, personalize your shopping experience, or send you the latest product and other useful material (if you request it). If you do not wish to receive further material from MY4BY OFF ROAD, you can simply respond to our e-mail or otherwise tell us that you do not want to receive future communications.

Online Orders
MY4BY OFF ROAD uses an online credit card processor to collect payment information from you to process purchases from the web site. This ensures both us and you that the person making the purchase with your credit card really is you. Whenever you transmit credit card information through the web site, the numbers and letters are scrambled using an encryption technology, making it impossible for the information to be stolen or intercepted. To further protect your identity, we do not allow you to store your credit card number on our web site. You must re-enter it for every purchase that you make.

Many shopping web sites use a feature of your browser to set a “cookie” on your computer. This allows them to monitor your presence when you visit their website such as what time you visited, what pages you viewed, and other pieces on non-intrusive information. MY4BY OFF ROAD does not use cookies. Our web site uses sessions that only keep track of you if you’re logged in. Your presence will be anonymous if you don’t log in, and anything in your shopping cart will be removed once you leave our web site or close your browser window. If you are logged in when adding items to your shopping cart, then they will remain there so you can purchase them or remove them at a later date.

Third Parties
MY4BY OFF ROAD will never provide personal or non-personal information about our users to third parties such as manufacturers and business partners.

Outside Links
MY4BY OFF ROAD may offer links to other web sites. Any time you click on a link and are transported to another web site, you should be aware that the other web site may have a different privacy policy than MY4BY OFF ROAD. We cannot control the policies or content of other web sites.

This privacy policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of MY4BY OFF ROAD.

How Are We Doing?
We value your business and welcome your feedback. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please let us know at service @ my4by . com or use the CONTACT US link which can be found on every page of our website.