Manual Hubs

Warn Premium Manual Hubs are the industry standard for hub upgrades or replacement. They feature many engineering enhancements that no other manual hub can match and no other hub has tried to match. The core of their construction consists of the ZA27 super alloy which itself is practically indestructible. Elongated clutch-ring teeth provide optimal load handling, and their larger body thickness gives them greater strength. Multiple seals keep the contaminants outside where they belong and gives these hubs their Warn guarantee. Warn manual hubs are available for most vehicles if even they came from the factory with automatic hubs. Warn hubs are sold in pairs so every kit includes all the components necessary for a complete installation. For some select applications it will be necessary to buy a manual hub conversion kit, however this will be noted in the product description so you’re assured to get all the parts you need the first time for a complete manual hub installation.

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