Dana 30

Dana 30 gears are available in a variety of ratios and in several configurations. The Dana 30 axle first saw use in the 1966 Ford Bronco. This model was a low-pinion, standard-rotation design that eventually saw its way into Jeep vehicles where it received the most widespread use. In the early 1970’s, this axle was being used in the front of all Jeep vehicles as well as the International Harvester Scout II. The gears used in all of these vehicles remained the same until 1984 with the introduction of the Jeep Cherokee XJ. The axle in this vehicle used reverse-cut Dana 30 gears which had several advantages, most notable of them being the approximately 30% increase in strength over their standard-cut counterparts, and the extra ground clearance created by having the pinion enter the differential above the axle center line. These reverse cut gears were found in the front Dana 30 axles of several Jeep vehicles, but are best known for their use in the Cherokee XJ and Wrangler YJ front axles.

All Dana 30 axles produced up to this point shared the same differential carriers and used the same installation kits for rebuilding or installing new ring and pinion gears. Despite there being two variations of this axle (ie: the low-pinion version and the high-pinion version), it’s not uncommon for this era of the Dana 30 to be referred to as the “long-pinion”, simply because it helps to further distinguish it from subsequent generations that use a shorter pinion. Therefore, when buying ring and pinion gears or installation kits for this axle on our website, you want to get parts for the long-pinion version.

In 1997, the introduction of the Wrangler TJ brought with it another variation of the Dana 30. This axle went back to standard rotation gears, but used a different sized pinion and today is commonly referred to as a “Dana 30 short pinion” axle. This axle can not share gears with the earlier standard rotation Dana 30 axles of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. When shopping for parts for this axle on our website, you want to get parts for the short-pinion version.

In 2007, the introduction of the Wrangler JK brought with it yet another variation of the Dana 30. This axle went back to reverse-cut gears. It uses a shorter pinion than the previous generation of reverse cut Dana 30’s and this pinion uses a bigger bearing which means that it can not share parts with the original reverse-cut, high-pinion/long-pinion Dana 30. These axles are commonly referred to as the “Next Generation Dana 30” or the “JK Dana 30”.

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