Toyota 8" (T100/Tundra Tacoma)

When the Toyota T100 was introduced in 1993, it featured a new rear axle that hadn’t been used in Toyota trucks and SUVs before. Over the years, this axle has become known as the Toyota 8.25″ and then later on (perhaps with the introduction of the Tundra) it was called the Toyota 8.4″, alluding to the respective sizes of their ring gears. The fact of the matter is that 8.25″ and 8.4″ is a misnomer that has caused much confusion among the Toyota community because the ring gears are not those sizes, but in fact 8.0″ just like the earlier Toyota 8.0″ axles (however the parts are not interchangeable).

Some people have resorted to calling this the “T100/Tacoma rear” while others have referred to it as the “late model V6 rear”. These names only serve to add more confusion because this wasn’t the only rear differential that was available in the Tacoma and it wasn’t exclusive to V6 model vehicles. “T100/Tundra diff” is another name designated within the Toyota community and is probably the most accurate because this differential was used in the rear end of all T100 and Tundra trucks, however as of this writing, there is no official name from Toyota for this differential. MY4BY will refer to it as the “T100/Tundra diff”.

This differential was most common in the following vehicles:

  • 1993-98 T100 (2WD, 4WD)
  • 2000-06 Tundra (2WD, 4WD)
  • 1995-11 Tacoma (4WD w/o TRD E-locker)
  • 1998-02 Tacoma PreRunner (w/o TRD E-locker)
  • 1995-11 Tacoma (2WD w/ V6 engine)
  • 2005-06 Sequoia (2WD, 4WD)

Tacomas that had the factory E-locker must use parts for the “V6/Turbo” Toyota 8″.

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