Auburn 545019 ECTED Locker; Dana 44 w/ 3.92 ratio and up, 30-spline

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Comes with full manufacturer warranty
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Auburn ECTED 545019 is a locker the Dana 44 (with 3.92 gears or higher), Auburn gear has developed an Electronically Controlled Traction Enhancing Differential, The ECTED. These units do not require external pneumatic or hydraulic connections. The Auburn ECTED is a user-selectable differential allowing you to choose between Limited Slip and Spool driving options. The unit functions as a limited slip when in it”s normal mode, and at the flip of a switch it turns into a spool locking both axles together for 100% traction. No additional parts needed. 4-year replacement warranty.

ECTED 545019 is for use on Dana 44 axles with a gear ratio of 3.92 or higher with 30-spline shafts.


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