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Home Products Bilstein 24-067379 5100 Series Monotube Shock Absorber

Bilstein 24-067379 5100 Series Monotube Shock Absorber


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Bilstein 24-067379 5100 shock.

  • Bilstein (24-067379) 5100 Series shock absorber
  • Collapsed length (inches): 17.28
  • Extended length (inches): 28.29
  • Travel (inches): 11.01
  • Upper mount: Bar pin
  • Lower mount: Eye 14.1mm

This part replaces Bilstein F4-BE5-6137-H8 and F4-BE5-6137-H9.

1992-94 Chevrolet Blazer
2WD: 4-5″; 4WD: 2-4″
2WD, 4WD 2-5″ rear
1988-99 Chevrolet C1500 3″ rear
1988-99 Chevrolet K1500 2-4″ rear
1992-99 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 4WD 2-4″ rear
1988-00 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 4WD 2-5″ rear
1994-02 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD 4″ front
2011-13 Ram 2500 4WD 4-5″ front

Bilstein 5100 series gas pressurized shock features a monotube design to run cooler and operate more efficiently to help prolong its life. A 46mm digressive piston with a self-adjusting valve adjusts instantly and automatically to varying road conditions providing superior handling and performance across all types of terrain. Bilstein 5100 series shocks are tuned for each specific application (not a one-size-fits-all shock). Zinc plated finish with Triple-C technology coating. Sold individually with a black dust boot, bushings (if the application requires them), and installation hardware. Limited lifetime warranty.