Eaton 187SL16C Detroit Locker 30 Spline Differential for Dana 44


Eaton Differentials 187SL16C Detroit Locker Differential
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The Detroit Locker is the most rugged, automatic, positive-locking differential available for the Dana 44 (with 3.92 gears or higher). The Detroit Locker has successfully driven more vehicles over more types of terrain than any other traction differential in its class. Made for the most severe operational conditions, Detroit Lockers provide the highest amount of traction available and will never let a wheel stop turning! No parts to wear out and no special lubricants required. Detroit Lockers offer a positive gear action where no clutches are used to engage the axles. Its automatic operation works in both forward and reverse action.

For use on Dana 44 axles with a gear ratio of 3.92 or higher with 30-spline shafts.


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