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Home Products Powertrax 92-0444-3000 No-Slip Locker; Dana 44

Powertrax 92-0444-3000 No-Slip Locker; Dana 44


Combines the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential, with the traction performance of a locking differential
A precise synchronization mechanism eliminates the ratcheting sounds typical of other locking differentials
Special gear and spring design reduce the backlash and therefore driveline windup

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Powertrax 92-0444-3000 No-Slip Traction Systems for the Dana 44 axle (with any gear ratio and 30-spline shafts) are the latest design in traction-adding differential technology. They combine the smooth, near-silent operation of a limited-slip differential with the traction-adding performance of a full locking differential. A precise synchronization mechanism eliminates the ratcheting sounds typically heard in other locking differentials. The Powertrax No-Slip Traction System features a precision engineered gear and spring design that reduces the backlash, and, therefore, the driveline windup. Only ultra-strength material that is 67% stronger than titanium is used. Installation is simple because no ring and pinion setup is required and the No-Slip fits into the factory open differential carrier — no need to buy additional parts. In addition, no special tools or oils are needed. Step-by-step, model-specific instructions are provided with every kit.

Powertrax 92-0444-3000 No-Slip Traction System is for use on Dana 44 axles with any gear ratio, 30-spline shafts, and an open carrier.
Will not fit axles with a limited slip differential carrier.

Advantages of a Powertrax No-Slip

  • Automatic Operation: No need to engage or disengage the Lock-Right unit and it automatically operates in forward or reverse.
  • Strong and Durable: Made of material that’s 67% stronger than titanuim.
  • Easy Installation: Requires minimal tools and time for installation. You can install it at home.
  • No Special Fluids: No special lubricants or adjustments required to operate the unit.