Rancho RS5416 steering stabilizer

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Engineered for vehicles with oversized wheels & tires
Reduce wheel shimmy, bump steer and vibration
Universal and direct-fit applications available

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Rancho RS5416 steering stabilizer.

  • Rancho RS5416 RS5000 Series steering stabilizer
  • Collapsed length (inches): 14.15
  • Extended length (inches): 23.36
  • Travel (inches): 9.21
  • Upper mount: LS37
  • Lower mount: LS24

Rancho RS5000 series stabilizer is a shock absorber that is specially engineered to operate horizontally. Acting as a horizontal shock absorber, steering stabilizers reduce vibrations that travel throughout the steering system to the driver. The result can be better steering control and tire wear, reduced driver fatigue, and improved safety. They help protect front-end suspension components and are designed for use with tires up to 35″ tall.


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