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Home Products Rancho RS7760 RS7000MT Monotube Shock Absorber

Rancho RS7760 RS7000MT Monotube Shock Absorber

1.97-in. (50mm) body diameter
Delivers both performance and appearance
Monotube design with high pressure nitrogen gas charge

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Rancho RS7760 strut.

  • Rancho RS7000MT Series strut
  • Collapsed length (inches): 16.938
  • Extended length (inches): 22.125
  • Travel (inches): 5.187
  • Body type: SS2

Rancho RS7760 is a monotube strut engineered to provide improved handling, control, and performance for high center of gravity vehicles. Vehicle stability is enhanced by reducing body roll in tight turns and other abrupt maneuvers. Features a high-pressure gas charge which separates the internal oil, and nitrogen to provide additional spring rate. This helps with maximizing the damping response that dissipates heat for better control. To further enhance ride control, this strut includes a hydraulic lockout to cushion the impact as the vehicle suspension is fully extended. Sold individually with black rubber bushings, black dust boot with zip tie, installation hardware, a Rancho decal, a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and the Rancho 90-Day Free Ride Offer.