Warn 61385 premium manual hubs

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9/10 turn dial for robust engagement/disengagement
Wave spring technology increases reliability
over standard coil springs

Usually ships in 24 hours

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Warn 61385 premium manual hubs exhibit a long list of technical advantages no other hub can match. The external hub body is constructed of the practically indestructible ZA27 super alloy. The hub dial requires 9/10-ths of a turn for full engagement of the inner drive gear to the clutch ring. Inside the cap assembly, a wave spring with deep dial detents ensure that once the hubs are engaged, they stay engaged. Longer clutch-ring spline teeth and body spline area result in better load handling. Warn premium manual hubs feature a larger body wall thickness to optimize clutch-ring strength. Rapid positive engagement prevents ratcheting, dual dial seals lock out contaminants, and a corrosion resistant, chrome plated finish substantiates Warn’s goal of neverending performance. Warn 61385 premium manual hubs are sold in sets of two and install in under one hour per set and are guaranteed. They’re the best selling hubs in the world and the only hub made in the U.S.A.


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