Rancho RS5000

The Rancho RS5000 is Rancho’s entry-level shock absorber and has been an industry best-seller since 1985. The RS5000 is a general purpose shock that is often installed as a better-than-factory replacement for vehicles with worn out stock shocks or with new suspensions such as lift kits. RS 5000 shocks are also recommended for the budget-minded consumer. The RS5000 is designed to provide comfort and control when used for anything from street driving to mild off-road. The twin-tube, cellular-gas design with 10-stage valving provide a comfortable street and highway ride and excellent off-road performance. The expanded-tube design allows a greater fluid capacity which in turn allows lower operating temperatures even under constant use. An internal rebound bumper helps prevent damage under full compression. All RS5000 shocks come with a red boot to protect the chrome-hardened piston rod, black rubber bushings (if the application requires them), installation hardware, and a limited lifetime warranty.
Rancho RS5000 Series MY4BY
Rancho RS5000 Series Shock MY4BY

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